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Producing Creative Visual Content in Evansville, IN and Throughout the World

Creative Concepting

It all starts with a big idea or concept.
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DP / Shooting

Camera technology, techniques and experience.
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LD / Lighting

Expose for greatness by shining a light.
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Make sure your content engages with significance.
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Motion Graphics

Animating can help grab attention.
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Your video will stand out from the crowd.
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Exceptional, Affordable Quality With Consistent, Dependable Results

Moving Images To Inspire, Motivate & Instruct Audiences

video production

Now producing stunning video content in 8K and 4K resolutions. As well as shooting up to 240 frames per second in amazing cinema quality with high dynamic range (HDR) and exceptional detail.

4K video production

creative video serviceUltra High Definition (UHD or UltraHD) and 4k resolutions are just some of the many options available with our video production services. Want 8K or even 12K? Sure! Using the latest gear and techniques, you’ll get dynamic videography and creative services with the ability to shoot in raw or log formats for the best in post processing, color grading and editing. But no matter the resolution or format you need, your footage will always look its best and fit your needs!


Affordable, Professional Video Services with a Multitude of Choices.12k camera capabilities

You’ve come to the right place. Get exceptional quality with honest, dependable expertise and repeatable results. As a corporate videographer, Fischer Photo & Video has been shooting, editing and producing distinctive videos for over 25 years. But we don’t specialize in anything except exceptional service. And we talk your language, whether you’re a creative director at a large advertising agency or the owner of a small business ready to make your first commercial. On large budgets as part of a creative team or as a one-man crew, Fischer brings talent, ideas and experienced perspective to each project and understands the entire production process.

Plus, No Attitude or any Sales Pitches.

We’ll listen, respond and have your objective as our top priority – rather than our bottom line or adding to our awards collection. Get a return on your marketing investment whether we perform one specialized skill like video editing, or you need us to produce your next video commercial from start to finish. 4k video production servicesYou’ll get hand’s-on creative knowledge explained in layman’s terms if necessary or in minute detail for the technically savvy. We deliver results!  You can read more about our unique company here or to learn about the many creative advantages and packages that Fischer currently offers, use the contact form.

Many Creative Choices with Gear and Package Options

steadicam operator Evansville, INAdd p.o.v shots or sweeping camera movements over the most rugged terrain or in places where dolly track simply isn’t an option. With a steadicam on your next project, you can take your visuals to another level and add interest, suspense or just plain wonder.  You’ll get shots just like you see in the movies! Yes, there is a steadicam operator based in Evansville, IN.

simple slider
motion control sliderGet fantastic shots while using a versatile, portable solution for those smooth, short dolly movements.  Or have precise, repeatable motion control using motorized fluid head. A great way to inexpensively add a more professional, dynamic looks to your next video that’s fast and easy to set-up. Different lengths and various configuration choices available.

drone aerial video services
Just one more tool in the stockpile of great gear that can be used similarly to a dolly or tracking shot – or for aerial video.  Great uses (if a bit overdone when they first appeared) include those high perspective shots as well as hard to reach angles.  Having a 3-axis gimbal keeps those aerial videos steady. We are part 107 certified, licensed and insured pilot.

jib operatorLong set up times on set are a thing of the past when partnering with our jib operator and ultra-portable solution. While smaller, it is self contained, meaning less assembly time and more time getting those interesting shots. And it’s on wheels, so can be rolled from shot to shot in most situations. Used by itself or in combination with other accessories, the jib can add loads of visual interest to static objects or just about any shot.

teleprompter service in EvansvilleGreat for helping on-camera talent concentrate only on their performance without having to memorize. Teleprompter’s also have been helping folks like me simply talk coherently while in front of the camera.  🙂   Easy to set up, simple to load the text as script, with easy-to-read large text and ability to edit and adapt to each individual!

gimbal use on video productionThe hand-held gimbal is a versatile, alternative option to the Steadicam. Get complex shots at the most interesting angles. And with the ability to mount on many different things (ie. vehicle) you can achieve fluid shots in both large areas and cramped spaces without ever seeing the bumps.

Don't let your next tv commercial production or corporate video be just ordinary.

Or put another way, don’t get locked into one way of creating your next video! Don’t let a smooth talking salesperson bump up the estimate if it doesn’t increase your ROI. With Fischer, you start with talking to the guy who will do the actual video production behind the camera and computer. We’re knowledgable and experienced, and use pre-production planning to discuss options with budgets and results in mind.  Then mix in on-location scouting, wireless video and audio and an 18″ inch HD or even 4K monitor to see great shots as they happen on set or with instantaneous playback. Add multiple cameras and lenses, lighting and grip crew, green screen or backdrops.  Or scale back to a more run & gun documentary approach with battery operated light kits.  There really is almost endless creative possibilities!

The way things have always been done… is over.

There is no one method for producing great results. Each video project is approached with your results in mind with singular focus. So while you won’t find one method of doing things, or the attitude of contempt for something new and different, you will find high quality video production delivered on-time and within budget.

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