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Mark Fischer is Fischer Photo & Video, the creative director, owner / operator of this visual communications company based in Evansville, IN. And yes – he knows his company name isn’t all that flashy, trendy or frankly even catchy. Honestly, in the context of content marketing or brand strategy, it doesn’t even have a nice ring to it. But then, he’s not trying to sell you things you probably don’t need or make promises that he actually can’t deliver.  😉

Experience exceptional quality at affordable prices without a sales person trying to tack on a bunch of extras you don’t need. Or worse yet, give you a dog & pony show without any results or return on your investment. After all, your advertising and marketing strategy should coalesce with who & what you are as an organization or business, not just where you want to eventually be. While it’s a simple premise, experience has taught Mark it’s also rare to find a marketing company, video production service or photography studio that doesn’t try to push you in a specific direction that’s better for their bottom line than yours.

Get unique, personal collaboration and comprehensive technical help, at your location or via the cloud, anywhere in the world. Plus you’ll received dependable results and a nice ROI. Get to know the media services at Fischer: video production, photography (including aerial, 360 and traditional) and virtual tours and you’ll get to know the power of one.

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Mark actually began his career as a radio DJ, which was an early love (sort of like your first crush).  While still in college, he then began working for the local CBS news affiliate as a tv news photographer and a passion for moving images and telling visual stories was born and flourished after graduation.

Mark now has nearly 30 years of experience shooting and editing and producing; essentially transforming ideas into engaging visuals and sound.  His work in the video production industry has taken him to the Oval Office in Washington, D.C. as well as Europe and even Disney World.  He has collaborated on a wide variety of projects for advertising and marketing agencies, video production companies as well as internal & external corporate communications.  And he still does the occasional live event as “cameraman” as well as the rare voice over (though not a regular demand).  He lives in Evansville, IN with his wife of 23 years and they have a 20 year old son. His enthusiasm and passion for creating great content for others is second only to his love of family and friends.

Mark’s journey and enthusiasm for knowledge in his field has turned an initial hobby for photography and web development into part of this small business.  And because the technical & technique are constantly evolving, he continues learning and evolving skills through advanced training.  He has the pleasure of working with fortune 500 companies and small businesses.  As part of a team involving large crews or producing alone, Mark approaches each job with your budget and results in mind. From very high end, stylized commercials that will help separate you from the crowd, to an informational video to get your internal sales staff motivated, results drive the creative process.

Whether you are simply wanting one aerial shot to add dynamic movement on your next tv commercial, or want to build a web site with a 360° tour, or simply need a slide show from  pictures set to music, you’ll get quality without pretense or attitude.  Imagine… actually talking to the guy who’s going to do the actual work – and then deliver it on time and within budget.  That’s the power of one.  So whether it’s a complete project or one element in all your communications, Fischer Photo & Video is here to make you look good.

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Mark Fischer has been helping create content with lasting impressions in brand marketing with video and photography for over 25 years.  And he can help you communicate effectively, deliver strategic results and reach target markets and audiences with all your advertising, marketing and promotional needs.

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