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Immerse Your Online Viewers Inside It. Give Them An Online 360 Digital Twin.

3D Model of 360 Virtual Tour

A 360 virtual tour is literally just like being there in 3D space. Only your visitors will save money in gas!

Try out one of our 360° virtual tours and you’ll instantly recognize the wonderful, marketing power of this immersive technology. Using the latest 3D photography skills and equipment, our tours completely immerse the viewer in a realistic, interactive 3D experience. Literally creating a digital twin of the physical one.

For industries as diverse as real estate and hospitality, to insurance and construction or facility management and manufacturing, this new media really makes “just like being there” an accurate description. Use it to attract and keep your viewers interested and engaged as they linger on your web site or listing longer. Or create a digital twin for record keeping or to collaborate with architects and engineers in unmatched 3D visual clarity.

And then add links, photos, videos or other media inside the tour with additional information. Don’t just tell them about it – with a 360 virtual tour – just a click can literally take them there!

Take A Virtual Tour Of This Two Story Home

Try out this digital twin – take a 360° virtual tour of a Jagoe model home created by Fischer Photo & Video.  Explore the 3D space using your phone, tablet, desktop or even your  VR headset.


Get expertly designed virtual 360° tours and combine with photography and creative video services to stand out from the competition. Fischer Photo & Video is the best source for engaging, immersive content.

Basic Virtual Tour Package

  • Complete 3D Virtual Tour of your space or property – which includes dollhouse and floor plan views.
  • Auto-generated short intro animated gif & video (mp4) to use for teaser posts on social media.
  • Provided embed code for web page / social media hosting of virtual tour.
  • Up to 4 additional stand alone 360° digital photos to use in social media / web sites.
  • Up to 5 high resolution 2D pictures of rooms / best features to use for print or web.

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Upgrade Virtual Tour Package

Includes everything in basic package, plus:

  • Up to 10 rooms / features grouped into the “highlight” section of the 3D virtual tour.
  • Up to 10 built-in specific product tags inside the virtual tour with list of features and links to external product pages / sites.
  • Schematic of each floor plan of space – as pdf or graphic file.
  • Personalized / edited animated GIF & intro video files to use for teasers on social media.
  • Up to 6 additional 360° stand-alone photos.
  • Up to 10 additional high-resolution printable pics of rooms / features.

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Premium Virtual Tour Package

Includes everything in upgrade package, plus:

  • Separate video produced from highlights of virtual tour (up to 3 minutes) which can include drone aerials for YouTube or social media sharing.
  • Aerial high resolution digital, printable stills & 4K video of property exteriors with high quality drone.
  • High resolution digital, printable still photographs of all rooms in virtual tour.
  • Up to 15 additional product/feature tags and 5 additional sections in highlight section of tour.
  • Room labeling for each room in space – which shows during floor plan view.

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3D Model of Virtual Tour

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