Corporate Video Toyota

Corporate Video Toyota

Toyota Corporate Video

This is perhaps the best example I could share for what I like to call organic corporate branding. While I’ve done plenty of corporate video production with professional voice-over narration, this video uses a documentary approach. Using employees own words, and rather than telling people about the business’ or corporation’s values, this marketing video for social media and other marketing channels, powerfully and naturally shows them. I’m very proud to have produced this corporate video for TMMI in Princeton, IN.

Toyota Manufacturing NABU Program

Message Of Inclusion.

Lots of companies and people talk about inclusion and diversity. But we all know that often, actions don’t accompany or live up to the, perhaps good intentions, of the words. But when they do, like in this example, be sure to seize the opportunity to not only tell but show others. And we can help! Because corporate media production, or in this case, producing a short, simple corporate video, can become a powerful narrative to document, highlight or showcase wonderful corporate behavior. One that shows the culture, values and core principles of that company in action.

Becomes Powerful Social Media Video Content for Corporation

Watch the video again. Doesn’t the message speak more about Toyota’s commitment to inclusion than 50 social media posts simply telling us about it? Or don’t you agree this video content is more moving than getting “likes” on social media sites from bland content that doesn’t engage your audience? If you agree, then contact us to talk about delivering powerful, corporate video content. We’re based in Evansville, IN but can & do travel. Who knows, together, for your next marketing campaign or social media posts, we might actually stir people to do more than just “like” you publicly. We might actually create change.

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TMMI - Princeton
DP, Editor, Producer