Corporate Communications Video

Corporate Communications Video

Corporate communications video

This is an example of an internal corporate communications video that was shot, edited and produced for Alcoa Corporate. Sometimes referred to as a teaser video, the main goal of this video was to increase employee engagement with the rollout of their new global intranet portal page.

Teaser Video for Corporate Communications

Need production ideas on engaging, exciting corporate video but it has to be very short…Corporate video production

So, you might first ask, how do you get thousands of employees, in many different countries, to get excited about what is, essentially, a new look and design of their “start page”?  Because truly most corporate share points or “portals” are just the starting page for when employees open their internet browser. You & I know that effective communication often begins with good design, but to the average employee or manufacturing worker, it’s well, just “meh” – a starting point to then click or go to something else, hopefully more interesting.

At first, I thought the truth, to answer the question of how to get employees excited, is… I have no idea. And maybe it’s truly impossible to get workers “excited” about corporate communications. But upon some reflection and thought, I knew what I didn’t want to see or help produce: one of those boring, corporate narrative videos that seem to preach rather instruct. We’ve all sat through those and rolled our eyes. So hopefully you’ll agree this short corporate teaser video – the one above is the French version – at least might make employees want to take a 2nd look at that new design.

Drop me a line and let me know if you agree. And if you’re looking for corporate video production, know that producing them in multiple languages, is not a problem.

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Alcoa Corporate
DP, Editor, Producer