Marketing Videos Handy Helpers

Marketing Videos Handy Helpers

In this example, I was tasked with creating a marketing video about this outreach program to be submitted to the Catholic Charities USA Innovation Challenge. The contest specified the video must be 90 seconds or less.

See what you think…does this “teaser video” make you want to learn more about Handy Helpers Home Repair?

Handy Helpers 90 Second Contest Submission

I am proud to say that this 90 second video did get them to the final round in the competition. Which meant, our creative work had just begun. We instantly had to dive back in and produce another long-form video to be eligible for the grand prizes.

Now, let me just say, there was a lot riding on this. The award for being one of the three final agencies or charities chosen was a whopping $333,000 each. And the competition was open to Catholic Charities throughout the U.S.

The rules for the next promotional video… up to 5 minute in length.  Take a look at that video:


Handy Helpers 5 Minute Submission

Handy Helpers

I won’t leave you in suspense. The 5 minute video didn’t win one of the three grand prizes. 🙁

However, it was one of six other national finalists. And even better, Catholic Charities USA announced that the other six finalists will receive an award of $100,000!

I’m thrilled for them and proud to have been a partner with this video marketing campaign & competition. It’s truly a feather in my cap that Catholic Charities of Evansville is one of only three small agencies (60 or fewer employees) across the country to be named as finalists.

I hope you enjoyed the video, but even more importantly, I hope you’ll support the Handy Helpers program as it seeks to alleviate, reduce or eliminate poverty by putting people back to work!  The next time you need a small repair around your house or business, maybe you’ll give them a try.  Here’s their website.

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Catholic Charities of Evansville
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