Post Production Light Bulb

Sometimes, in a creative endeavor, you sort of stumble upon an idea or concept almost as you go – which hopefully makes you look smarter – or at least appears to give you greater “vision” in hindsight.  Ok, granted most creative folks have a hard time admitting this but it does happen. Case in point, a recent 4k video shoot I did. This short video is a perfect example of why edits and post production can often lead to new discoveries that perhaps weren’t intended in the original shoot.  (Spoiler alert.  On a campus somewhere, there may be advanced discussions about films and cinema that would never admit to such a theory… but that’s a different topic for another time).new year video

While out shooting some 4k stock video between Christmas and New Years Eve, I happened to be in downtown Evansville just as the sun was beginning to descend.  And it being winter in southern Indiana and actually having nice weather, I decided this would provide a perfect opportunity for a short time-lapse as the sun set over the Ohio river.  One of the benefits of shooting at a higher resolutions than HD affords you, is the ability to reframe your shots or add “zooms” and other effects to the video in the edit.  Since I shot the original footage in 4k, I knew this would allow me to produce this short video in full HD and still add a “zoom” out or into the setting sun.

But that wasn’t all.  Once I began to edit and color grade the footage, I also felt it was a bit depressing to watch the sun set on another year.  So, I took the liberty to “re-work” and reverse as well as speed up the footage slightly.   What originally took about 20 minutes to record, now appears to be a thirty second sunrise over the Ohio.  And so I decided to share my optimism and my creation as a bit of celebration on a new year.

So, Happy New Year from Fischer Photo Video!  For a detailed explanation on how I managed to capture those wonderful colors, (another spoiler alert here) feel free to contact me.