Roseanne back in Evansville house!

Roseanne is back and her house remains in Evansville.  While the show Roseanne will be starting up again on March 27th, the house (well at least the exterior images of the house shown during the show ) where fictional characters Dan & Roseanne live, has also been reprised.  See part one of my experience shooting video & stills of the Roseanne house in an earlier post here.

I can tell you there’s much pride in the Evansville Eastside neighborhood. I spent a good part of a day shooting both video & still images that were sent to LA for use on the show. And during my time on the street, I continually was stopped by neighbors, delivery drivers and others and given their account of the history of “the” house. And nearly every neighbor had a story about seeing people, often years after the original show had stopped airing, traveling long distances to take selfies of themselves standing in front of this home.

Roseanne House

So, like you, I’ll be watching the first episode to see that familiar landmark. I have no inside information about plot-lines or what has happened to the characters in these intervening years. I don’t even know which shots of mine might actually make the final cut. But I’ll leave you with a few insights about the real house in Evansville.

Video Production for Roseanne Show

Photo courtesy of Jordan Barclay

I don’t think these will be any spoilers – but stop reading if you prefer the “hollywood magic” to reality:
It looks much smaller inside than the staged “house” seen during the show.
The front living room area is currently being used as a bedroom.
Both the lamp post in the front yard & the middle window upstairs do not have functioning lights.  These had to be “staged” to appear to be working.
And any “street light” you might see on evening exteriors is my own portable lighting equipment.  The actual yard & front gets pretty dark at night.

Stay tuned for more soon.  And cheers to all those Roseanne fans!

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