Lady Veterans

Lady Veterans


Here are some still pic samples from a quick event-type photography shoot.  Done exceedingly fast (mostly because my time was limited), I felt I had to include some of these pics on the web site because these ladies are:

1.  True Heroes
2.  Adorable
3.  Awesome

Shot on location, with a simple on camera flash, I was certainly humbled to be in the presence of these unbelievable WWII lady veterans (one of the ladies was a Vietnam veteran). Project “in her boots” is a unique group that recently paid a visit to Evansville. This program highlights womens’ commitment and dedication to service of their country. The women veterans decorated donated combat boots and shared their stories with local media. I was there to try & capture some candid shots. But I also left with another giant reminder of the sacrifices from the “greatest generation”.  Here are a few samples of these heroes here:

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Project In Her Boots