Slow Motion Video

Slow Motion Video

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Ok, this one is not really a commercial and it doesn’t show a finished video for advertising or one produced for a business, to market a product or service. This came from just a bit of fun, testing out high frame rates for slow motion video with my camera and new lens. I like to call it, “Chasing The Bee”.

Not All Videos Posted Here are for Marketing and Advertising.

It was quite a windy day in late summer and I came home with all my video equipment still in my car. Just off my driveway, in the front yard, I happened to notice about 5 or more very large bees hovering around a grouping of flowers. And I became fascinated with them and their speed, agility and ability to hang on to those swaying flowers in the wind. And I suppose I had slow-motion on the brain, because I instantly saw the challenge in trying to capture these winged creatures in flight. So, I grabbed the camera, setting it to record 144 frames per second – so that when playing back at 24fps, their motions would be slowed down by a factor of 6. And then it also became a good “macro” test for my newest wide angle lens, finding out just how close I could get to the subject without actually bumping into the bee.

Slow Motion Video and Macro Photography?

Honestly, trying to keep a very busy, flying bee in frame is not an easy camera exercise and admittedly, I had to leave lots on the cutting room floor. But I did manage to get a few keepers and also didn’t get stung in the filming process.

I put this video together to continue improving my color grading skills while learning new editing software. Now that it’s finished, and I see shots cut together, I find it fascinating and also inspiring. Bumble bees, after all, are physically incapable of flight. And yet, there she goes again and again – defying expectations – making her way through persistent, prevailing winds. Perhaps this exercise turns out to be a metaphor for us humans – or maybe it’s just stock footage?  You tell me.

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