Broadcast PSA Video

Broadcast PSA Video

Komen Evansville PSA

Here’s a :30 PSA produced for the 2016 Komen Evansville Race for the Cure.
This falls under the “quick turn-around” project scenario.  Shot one day and then edited / composited the next…

Komen PSA video screen shot

Public service announcements are something you don’t see much of anymore on local TV broadcast stations. And if they do air, they usually run late at night or when stations don’t have air time sold. Knowing this, my goal was to try and grab viewers attention in those first 8 seconds – enough to get them to hang around for the important part at the end about registering for the race. And to also just try something a little “different” than your normal public service announcement.

It was wonderful working with three broadcast anchors or on-air professionals as the on-camera “talent”. It always make my job so much easier. And it’s always great when normal “competitors” can team up for worthwhile causes in our community.  🙂

Client name
Komen Evansville Tri-State
Writer, Producer, DP, Editor