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Suspension of Disbelief in Video Marketing

Here are two videos or commercials produced to play on the large Jumbotron at the Ford Center. Both have a bit of “magic” in them using video effects. And sometimes, video marketing requires a bit of special sauce to catch someone’s attention…

Ok. Let’s start with the obvious. These two marketing videos are not quite on par with or have the same superior visual effects as the Matrix movies. I get it and certainly agree. But these local spots were rather quirky and fun to create. And do have a bit of “magic”. They also were budget friendly and certainly a lot less expensive than that aforementioned movie’s production.  🙂

The commercials play during the Aces basketball games on the large screen at the Ford Center. And while ProRehab certainly wants to promote their services, each year the marketing department also likes to have a little fun with their video message to Aces fans. Because of the venue, quirky and interesting visual concepts usually work better than narrated “traditional” marketing. So, with some advanced preparation and planning, this “theme” emerged and both spots were able to be shot at the University of Evansville over the course of just one short afternoon.

Featuring coaches for many of the Aces sports, and a special appearance by President Dr. Kazee, I hope you come away from the first viewing wanting to watch it again and find out… just how did they do that? But sorry, my lips are sealed on this production. Magical video effects – that’s all I can say. I can confirm, however, that no backboards or rims were harmed with the dunking and filming of these commercials.

View the other spot below.

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