Nurse TV Commercials

Nurse TV Commercials

Healthcare Marketing Videos

Hired as Director of Photography and Editor, these are three, out of a total of eight, broadcast commercial spots that were shot & edited for Deaconess Hospital to promote their nurses.

If you’ve spent any time as a patient in a hospital, then you already know that your nurse can really make a big difference and be as important, dare I say even more so, than your doctor. So it is great to work directly with and give a little glory to those who often work behind-the-scenes. Nurses truly make a difference for patients.

While finished in HD, these video spots were shot in 4K resolution, to allow for easier editing. The extra resolution allows for reframing in post as well as essentially having two shots, medium and tight, for each video clip.  And because these were essentially filmed as interviews, being able to “cut” was imperative to keeping each one right at :30 seconds.

And here are two of the other tv spots featuring Amanda and Ashley…

Client name
Deaconess Health Systems
DP, Editor