Jagoe “Drums” Commercial

Jagoe “Drums” Commercial

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I sometimes get asked about creative inspiration or where idea’s for TV commercials come from. As the video editor for this 30 second spot, let me share some of my creative process…

Creative Advertising Truths

Often, someone outside of the production of a TV commercial will ask me how or why I decided to do something a certain way. And while it’s a good and legitimate question, there’s not always an easy or direct answer. Or maybe a better, honest explanation is that the creative process for video production often changes depending on the project and budget. When working with others, sometimes my job as director of photography or editor is interpreting someone else’s vision within certain restraints. Collaboration can also require compromise. Most of the great cinematographer’s in Hollywood are able to work alongside multiple directors. With many tools at their disposal, they “paint” scenes with light and shadow, angle and shot selection, and set moods and the overall tone of a movie. And achieve a variety of creative visions. But, they also have large budgets, lots of time and teams of people to help them. 🙂

On a more local level, with smaller budget and less crew, when a creative director or advertising agency sales person needs to have a spot created, there’s often no time or budget for waiting for inspiration or developing a character’s arc. So, for me, on this particular example, the catalyst for this spot was simply choosing the music. I knew the client wanted to show many pictures and different features of their homes and new video shots weren’t an option. And I knew, from experience, that I needed an up-tempo beat to create fast edit cuts to make sure the thirty-second tv commercial didn’t become boring or dull. Once I found this cut of music, with some resourceful editing and lots of input from the client on shot selection, I was inspired to produce this spot.

I hope it’s half as much fun to watch as it was to create.  And in case you’re wondering, the title of the spot literally came from that selection of music. There is, after all, truth in advertising.

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