Web Design or Re-Design

Finally!  The process of updating the Fischer Photo & Video web site has begun.  While the old web site served it’s initial purpose – I was quite aware it had long been out-of-date. This new design promises to be more responsive and will also be able to stay more current with recent video projects, information on services, photography samples and the latest news.  You are hopefully already looking at the new site and its content management as you read this, albeit one with very little content to begin with as I continue to load more past work.  While I’m a producer of lots of video and photography content, often I’m unable to share that work on my web site. 🙁

real-time customer support

So thanks for your patience – and for your input.  This is certainly a work-in-progress or what some call a “soft roll-out” and I hope to get feedback as well as suggestions from customers, clients & friends.  My business is all about supporting your success.  So, don’t worry, I will still provide the fast turn-around and great service on marketing and advertising projects that you are accustomed to & rely upon.  Updating this web site will always come secondary to taking care of your visual communications and on-going projects.  But I am also planning to add real-time customer support as well to this web site – so that is something to look forward to as well!


But hopefully through this site, others might find a bit of my personality here.  Or if there is something you really feel needs to be on the new site, whether as content or something to add to my growing list of business services, please contact me today & provide your feedback.  Looking forward to hearing from you!